Vivian, Gloria & Louise


Louise and Harry walking to school

Louise, surrounded by brothers Harry, Delmar and Garry, holds a picture of Uncle George Watson at G. Ray Hawkins Gallery in front of a display of Watson photographs.

Coy Jr., Vivian, Gloria, Louise, Harry and Billy Watson worked together The Greenhorn starring comedian Charles Puffy.

Vivian, Gloria, Louise appeared in Taxi 13 with Chester Conklin.

Gloria and Louise appeared with their five younger brothers in the Will Rogers hit Life Begins at Forty.


Vivian, Gloria and Louise worked in fewer films than their brothers because Pop Watson had been in the movie business long enough to have a certain opinion of the actors his three daughters would meet.  He often said, “I want you girls to marry a man who works with his hands and the sweat of his brow.”


The Greenhorn (1925) - Vivian, Gloria and Louise

Riders of the Purple Sage (1925) - Vivian, Gloria and Louise

Taxi 13 (1927) - Vivian, Gloria and Louise

Doctor Bull (1933) - Louise

Life Begins at Forty (1935) - Gloria and Louise