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Who Are the Watsons?

    The eleven Watsons including Mom and Pop are without a doubt the “First Family of Hollywood.”  Mom and Pop Watson (Golda and Coy) moved to Hollywood in 1912.  Their home was adjacent to the Mack Sennett Studio.  Pop Watson raised horses and rented them to the studio.  He eventually graduated to prop man, special effects artist and assistant director but his most important job was managing the movie careers of his nine children.  The eldest, Coy Jr. worked in his first movie at the age of nine months.  As the rest of the children, Vivian, Gloria, Louise, Harry, Billy, Delmar, Garry and Bobs, came along they all worked in pictures.  By the time the youngest, Bobs, was seven years old the family had worked in over one thousand movies.

    The children acted with most of the leading stars of the day and were courted by most of the studios who wanted to put them under contract.  To the credit of Pop Watson he refused to put them under contract to any studio.  All of the Watsons became successful adults and never had the problems that plague most child actors.

Bobs Garry Delmar Billy Harry Louise Gloria Vivian Coy Jr. Golda Coy Sr.



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